The Benefits of a Course vs. a Monthly Membership.


How do you want to transform your style?

Choose only one: Course or Membership


$250 per month

The monthly membership gives you VIP all-access to every course and wellness tool. Listen to your favorite meditation every day, and watch the masterclasses multiple times for mastery. Perfect for the indulgent It Girl who is committed to once and for all to permanently transforming her relationship to her body, beauty, spirit and look and feel authentically herself in terrific shoes. Memberships require a 6-month commitment.

$899 - $1,199 per course


It takes 66 days to create a new habit. Our courses are perfectly timed to get you a new way of shopping, spending money, planning your wardrobe — and of course, wearing the clothes themselves! 13 weeks of access are the just right sprint for go-getter Type A It Girls who want a daily dose of style transformation.


30 day Introductory Special. Access to all 13-week courses for $99.00.