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Brazyn gives modern women like you the tools they need to create a unique, bold style, and live effortlessly, beautifully, and confidently.

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Create an Effortless Style that is Authentically You


 “I'm blown away by all the work that went into creating this masterpiece. You can tell it's a labor of love. I'm excited to create my Nomadic Boho Yogi style. Thank you.” - Kimberly, 36, New Jersey.


Never struggle in front of your closet alone again. Ever.

Here at Brazyn, we know how important it is to express yourself through the clothes you wear. And how difficult - and frustrating! - it can be, staring into a crowded closet with nothing to wear.

That’s why we created this course. To help women like you find their groove, learn what fits their body type, and never stress over getting dressed again.

Learn the Brazyn step-by-step formula to create your authentic signature style and create a 25-piece capsule that truly captures your spirit - without spending a cent on new clothes!


If you could steal the style, the look, the vibe, of anyone - who would it be? With Capsule, you'll go beyond mimicking someone else's style. You'll create your own strong, confident look through pieces you actually love.


See what Monika loves about Brazyn.


The only step-by-step system available that actually gets you results:

  • 6 weeks of material, but with 13 weeks to take the course at your own pace - or do it twice for maximum retention.

  • Lean about colors, how to shop, and new styles.

  • Create your own, unique style - no cookie cutter wardrobe recommendations here!

  • Planners, checklists, and worksheets to keep you on track.

  • Finish with a Marie-Kondo’d closet, and a 25-piece capsule that’s easy to wear and true to your personal style.

  • Access to our Brazyn community of women just like you.

  • AHAVA Wellness system to help you transform not only outwardly, but inwardly, too.

  • A better relationship with fashion and your body - for the rest of your life.

Any Woman. Any Moment. Any Body.


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