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 “I'm blown away by all the work that went into creating this masterpiece. You can tell it's a labor of love. I'm excited to create my Nomadic Boho Yogi style. Thank you.” - Kimberly, 36, New Jersey.




Never struggle in front of your closet alone again. Ever. (We promise).

Our bestselling signature course.

Learn Brayzn’s step-by-step formula to create your authentic signature style and a 25-piece capsule that truly shines your loving heart out to the world - without spending a cent on new clothes!

The ultimate hack to an appearance that you love - without losing those last five pounds.

Be introduced to cutting-edge brands, sustainable and planet-friendly shopping, become your own costume designer, and style a daily uniform that saves you time.

Do not waste another minute on dumpy, frumpy or lack of confidence.

Any woman. Any moment. Any body.


Feminine Awakened Body

Get a modern sequence of ancient practices to awaken your Divine Feminine.

Heal your relationship to your heart, pussy, womb, breasts and face.

Release shame and guilt, and transform your subconscious and limbic brain with daily 20-minute practices to awaken your yin energy.

Stop intellectualizing the feminine. Instead — be feminine with our experiential tools that will transform you gently and effectively from the inside out.

Experience more romance, more confidence and more self worth in just 13 weeks.


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Consider this your graduate level course.

Best for our graduates of CAPSULE, 5 Erotic Styles gets you incredible date night outfits, each sexier than the last.

Explore the 5 facets of every woman’s sexual expression — Innocent Erotic. Bold Erotic. Dark Erotic. Emotional Erotic. Spiritual Erotic.

Which one are you?

Learn about cutting-edge lingerie for all gender expressions.

Redefine sexiness on your own terms.

Juice up your romantic life and make your bae chase you around the kitchen.

Never struggle to know what to wear on your Tinder date again!


5 Erotic Styles is currently only available through a Brazyn membership.