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 “I'm blown away by all the work that went into creating this masterpiece. You can tell it's a labor of love. I'm excited to create my Nomadic Boho Yogi style. Thank you.” - Kimberly, 36, New Jersey.





Do not waste another second of your precious life on dumpy, frumpy or boring AF.

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Our bestselling signature course.

Learn Brayzn’s step-by-step formula to create your authentic signature style and a 25-piece capsule and feel crazy gorgeous and on point every single day without breaking the goddess budget shopping.

The ultimate hack to an appearance that you love - without losing those last five pounds.


Yummy Body

It Girls don’t hate their weight or face.

They strut. Ok, maybe float.

Meghan Markle your relationship to your appearance and your body once and for all. With incredible nutritional information just for us girls, and ancient healing techniques like jade egg designed to get that juicy feminine energy flowing and bring the boys to your milkshake, this course gives you all the tools you need to marry a prince. Or get elected youngest woman ever to Senate.

Yummy Body launches Christmas 2019!


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How To Dress For Romance.

Stop dressing from your masculine logic. Learn how to hear and honor your body. Let your inner feminine wisdom guide your romantic clothing choices.

Whether dressing for a romantic night with yourself or your boyfriend, this disruptive course will change the way you experience romance forever.

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