Brazyn is a modern fashion school for bold, romantic women.


If you could steal the style, the look, the vibe, of anyone - who would it be?

With Brazyn’s modern courses, you'll go beyond mimicking someone else's style. You'll learn how to author your new look from sustainable, unique brands you actually love.


It’s back to school time!

Brazyn is the personal stylist you’ve always wanted.



Introducing Capsule.

Our bestselling course!


“The best money I spent this year.” - Lisa, Florida.


design a 25-piece capsule wardrobe

(without losing that last 5 lbs or overspending on online shopping)


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What Makes Brazyn Different?

Let’s face it. There are a million “style courses” and ebooks out there. So why choose Brazyn?

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Unlike ebooks or cheap courses that tell you what to wear, Brazyn encourages YOUR voice and brand.

Brazyn gives you a system that you can use over and over again that honors your authenticity, ancestry and personal insights.

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Depression and eating disorders are on the rise. Every course you subscribe to comes with proven wellness tools. Journaling, meditation, embodied feminine movement, forgiveness practices all hack your neural pathways so that you fall in love with your body forever.

You don’t have to do anything alone. Get access to a supportive community of women who purchased a Brazyn course and are now living their best lives in It Girl shoes (purchased resale because, sustainability.)


Brazyn It Girls.